Sunday, August 21, 2005

More TPA fun

The Globe's loyal NDP sycophant - aka John Barber - follows closely and lovingly at the heels of Councillor Chow in bashing the Toronto Port Authority.

The Globe and Mail: Please, Sheila, take a look at our Little Mexico-on-the-Lake?

Watch out Olivia - it's endearing until he mistakes your leg for a fire hydrant.

Anyway, if you read Barber's rant, you will find that he despises the TPA. He complains that it is losing money and has therefore no right to exist. hmmm - what about the TTC and VIA rail? John, are you there?

Barber fails to recommend any alternatives. Perhaps he favours the city taking over the Port. In this case, the operations would still be losing money. The city would be crying 'downloading, dowloading' and be asking Ottawa for a bailout. The last thing Toronto needs is another money-losing transportation operation to mismanage.

Alternatively, the Port could simply be closed. Businesses such as Redpath Sugar would relocate, more jobs would be lost and our already over-burdened roads and rail lines would have to carry the thousands of extra loads of aggregate to feed the construction indsutry.

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