Saturday, August 06, 2005

'coon wars

Sorry to have been away so long. I've been out enjoying the sunny summer weather.

In addition, I've been fighting a war against my local supersized nocturnal omnivores - i.e the racoons.

I've finally (fingers crossed here) managed to 'coon-proof my woodpecker feeding station.

1. Nocturnal omnivore deterrent devices (NODDs) on the top of the post and beam (i.e. nails). The most damage/theft was done my the 'coons reaching down from the top.
2. The easy opening clasp has been replaced by one that screws shut.
3. There are additional screws attached the feeder from to the post. Some of the 'coons are supersized - so the extra screws are needed.
4. Picture hanging wire has been woven across the top of the feeder - see just below the cap. If the varmints manage to lift the top off, they will have a tough time scooping out the peanuts. I can still fil the container using a funnel.
5. More picture wire hanges down from the bottom of the feeder - and is tied onto the rather substantial hook (not shown). This prevents the 'coons from lifting and upturning the feeder.

hmm - there are so many racoons in Toronto, it almost makes one think that they are running the place. Who else could have devised the green-bin program - with the 'racoon-proof' latches. Come to think of it, David Miller's face is shaped a little like a racoon's. hmm, and the hair is a little too perfect. Naah - it can't be...

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