Wednesday, August 17, 2005

TPA fun

For those who haven't been following this "critical" topic, the TPA is the Toronto Port Authority. You have to feel bad for the TPA's management. They have a job to do - a fiduciary/legal responsibility - which is to operate the port as best as they can. And yes, that includes the Island Airport.

It probably isn't part of their job descripition to have to ensure a steady stream of invective from the Mayor and various councillors. The latest example is a complaint from Councillor Olivia Chow that the TPA didn't give adequate warning about the demolition of some derelict buildings. Talk about petty!

I'm not sure why the likes of Miller, Chow continue to excoriate the TPA for simply doing its job. If they want the airport closed, or to take over the running of the whole Authority, they should be dealing with the politicians in Ottawa.

In my opinion, the last thing the City needs is another monet-losing transportation agency to mismanage - they already have the TTC.

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