Sunday, August 21, 2005

More TPA fun

The Globe's loyal NDP sycophant - aka John Barber - follows closely and lovingly at the heels of Councillor Chow in bashing the Toronto Port Authority.

The Globe and Mail: Please, Sheila, take a look at our Little Mexico-on-the-Lake?

Watch out Olivia - it's endearing until he mistakes your leg for a fire hydrant.

Anyway, if you read Barber's rant, you will find that he despises the TPA. He complains that it is losing money and has therefore no right to exist. hmmm - what about the TTC and VIA rail? John, are you there?

Barber fails to recommend any alternatives. Perhaps he favours the city taking over the Port. In this case, the operations would still be losing money. The city would be crying 'downloading, dowloading' and be asking Ottawa for a bailout. The last thing Toronto needs is another money-losing transportation operation to mismanage.

Alternatively, the Port could simply be closed. Businesses such as Redpath Sugar would relocate, more jobs would be lost and our already over-burdened roads and rail lines would have to carry the thousands of extra loads of aggregate to feed the construction indsutry.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

TPA fun

For those who haven't been following this "critical" topic, the TPA is the Toronto Port Authority. You have to feel bad for the TPA's management. They have a job to do - a fiduciary/legal responsibility - which is to operate the port as best as they can. And yes, that includes the Island Airport.

It probably isn't part of their job descripition to have to ensure a steady stream of invective from the Mayor and various councillors. The latest example is a complaint from Councillor Olivia Chow that the TPA didn't give adequate warning about the demolition of some derelict buildings. Talk about petty!

I'm not sure why the likes of Miller, Chow continue to excoriate the TPA for simply doing its job. If they want the airport closed, or to take over the running of the whole Authority, they should be dealing with the politicians in Ottawa.

In my opinion, the last thing the City needs is another monet-losing transportation agency to mismanage - they already have the TTC.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Will he or wont he

Hogtown editors and columnists are almost as preoccupied with Mayor Miller's non-visit to the gun-play plaqued areas of Toronto as the headline writers are with the gunplay itself. The Star's Royson James wrote a heart-felt column about why the Mayor should make the journey.

The Globe's John Barber navel-gazed about why criticism of the Mayor from some of his usual antagonists has been muted. Well, perhaps it because it might seem unseemly to remind everyone that Miller and his minions orchestrated the removal of a popular police chief. On the other hand, there is little need to remind everyone of this - or the fact that Miller was caught joking about 'his' police force being in jail.

But let's get back to why the Mayor is hesitant to visit the troubled areas. Here's my theory:

FACT: The Mayor and many of the leftists on council would like to take money from the police budget and use it for the other things they would like to spend money on.

CONJECTURE: The biggest reason for pushing out Fantino and bringing in someone more anonymous is that Fantino had the profile and skills to defend his budget. Miller, Pam McConnell and Co. were hoping that the new chief would acquiesce to some chopping.

PRACTICAL CERTAINTY: The rash of shootings will make it difficult to cut the police budget. In fact, there will be pressure to increase it.

The more Miller can downplay the issue, the better chance he has to take money out of the police budget down the road. He hopes that by the next budget cycle, people will have forgotten the long hot summer.

Visiting the troubled neighbourhoods would only raise the profile of the issue - and that's the very last thing Miller and Co desire.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Left's whipping boy

No kidding, Mayor Miller and cabal have been trying to blame the current spate of shootings in TO on Mike Harris. What a tired, old, baselesss refrain. Of course, I heard some twit on the Metro Morning phone-in line repeating the same nonsense.

It's all too predictable that Mayor Miller and other members of the leftist plague that fouls our otherwise fair city would blame Mike Harris for their own problems. The fact is that in the year 2000, Statistics Canada tells us that Ontario's murder rate had fallen to 1.3 per 100,000 - the lowest since 1963, and far lower than the national average.

We are only seeing a spike in violence in Toronto - not throughout the province. Should we not blame the profligate tax and spend policies of our own city for causing businesses to flee, and subsequently denying many young people the chance at a good job? Would not there be plenty of money for youth programs had not Miller and his cabal agreed to such generous pay hikes to 'buy labour peace'?

Saturday, August 06, 2005

'coon wars

Sorry to have been away so long. I've been out enjoying the sunny summer weather.

In addition, I've been fighting a war against my local supersized nocturnal omnivores - i.e the racoons.

I've finally (fingers crossed here) managed to 'coon-proof my woodpecker feeding station.

1. Nocturnal omnivore deterrent devices (NODDs) on the top of the post and beam (i.e. nails). The most damage/theft was done my the 'coons reaching down from the top.
2. The easy opening clasp has been replaced by one that screws shut.
3. There are additional screws attached the feeder from to the post. Some of the 'coons are supersized - so the extra screws are needed.
4. Picture hanging wire has been woven across the top of the feeder - see just below the cap. If the varmints manage to lift the top off, they will have a tough time scooping out the peanuts. I can still fil the container using a funnel.
5. More picture wire hanges down from the bottom of the feeder - and is tied onto the rather substantial hook (not shown). This prevents the 'coons from lifting and upturning the feeder.

hmm - there are so many racoons in Toronto, it almost makes one think that they are running the place. Who else could have devised the green-bin program - with the 'racoon-proof' latches. Come to think of it, David Miller's face is shaped a little like a racoon's. hmm, and the hair is a little too perfect. Naah - it can't be...

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