Friday, September 02, 2005

Jumping Jack Layton flash, it's a gas gas gas...

but his brain is running on fumes...

The Globe and Mail's editorial on gas prices is one of its better efforts:

That's not gouging at the gas pumps

I certainly don't enjoy paying higher prices for anything - gas prices included - but I can tolerate them. What I can't tolerate are politicians such as Jack Layton who won't take the time to understand how a market works. Per Layton:

"What we see is [gas companies] all acting in parallel," he said. "Whether or not it's collusion, one can draw the conclusion that they're all moving in lock step.

Well Mr. Layton, gas prices are going up because there is a sudden shortfall in refinery capacity, If prices didn't rise, we be all be lined up at the gas stations waiting hours for the next delivery to arrive - sort of like Russians used to line up for everything under the Soviet system. Come to think of it, much like Canadians have to wait for medical services.

This is all beyond Layton. The man is purportedly educated - which shows how much little this can actually mean.

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