Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Left's whipping boy

No kidding, Mayor Miller and cabal have been trying to blame the current spate of shootings in TO on Mike Harris. What a tired, old, baselesss refrain. Of course, I heard some twit on the Metro Morning phone-in line repeating the same nonsense.

It's all too predictable that Mayor Miller and other members of the leftist plague that fouls our otherwise fair city would blame Mike Harris for their own problems. The fact is that in the year 2000, Statistics Canada tells us that Ontario's murder rate had fallen to 1.3 per 100,000 - the lowest since 1963, and far lower than the national average.

We are only seeing a spike in violence in Toronto - not throughout the province. Should we not blame the profligate tax and spend policies of our own city for causing businesses to flee, and subsequently denying many young people the chance at a good job? Would not there be plenty of money for youth programs had not Miller and his cabal agreed to such generous pay hikes to 'buy labour peace'?

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