Friday, July 22, 2005

The Globe and Mail: Shocking suggestion

A clever letter here to the Globe & Mail:

The Globe and Mail: Shocking suggestion

if I say so myself. Well - actuallly, my mom and dad thought it was great as well.

I guess is hardly surprising that former Hydro executives Bartholemew and Campbell as still trying to foist a Hydro monopoly back on Ontarians; after all they wouldn't wish to admit guilt. They actually have the audacity to complain about 'gross mismanagement' of Ontario's power situation over the past decade!

Column by Rod Anderson, Ron Bartholomew and Tom Campbell - July 20 2005

(Hmmm - former Enron executives get to face jail time, while former Hydro execs are living comfortably on their golden parachutes and pensions.)

What's more amazing is that Rod Anderson a former managing partner in Ernst & Young has signed onto the effort. Given that the column evidences a pre-JK understanding of financial economics, it's hardly any wonder why he is a former managing partner.

Update: Per his website, Mr. Anderson gave up professional life decades ago. He has since been concentrating on composing poetry and music. Rod - my advice is to stick with the poetry and music.

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