Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Slight to Miss Universe 'silly', mayor says

Despite his policy follies, Mayor David Miller is a smart enough politician to recognize a public relations disaster - and to attempt to distance himself from it: - Slight to Miss Universe 'silly', mayor says

Now you might believe that preventing Miss Universe from being Miss Universe at a Thai community event in Nathan Phillips Square was simply the fault of an overzealous and/or misguided underling at City Hall. In reality, the tone is set from the top. The unfortunate soul(s) who made the decision no doubt did so based on a reading of the smoke signals from 'on high'.

More disturbing is the implication inherent in Miller's assertion that he would have allowed the appearance had he been asked. It is not the job of the Mayor to sit in judgement of whether something is tasteful, nor is it his job to interpret by-laws - this being the job of the judiciary. [It's his job to run city services effectively and efficiently - apparently he hasn't read the job description.]

...and another thing... a few weeks ago the Miller and some other members of his cabal marched in the Gay Pride parade. This parade included many bikini-clad men. These men have every right to dress and march as thus - but an argument can easily be made that the behaviour is both degrading and stereotypical.

What's degrading to Miss Glebova is that the City doesn't respect her honest, well-intentioned, and public-service spirited decision to participate in pageants.

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