Monday, July 18, 2005 - LCBO workers threaten strike despite 'no sale’ vow

The LCBO workers know when they have management boxed into a corner, and are too ready to move in for the kill: - LCBO workers threaten strike despite 'no sale’ vow

The provincial Liberals have painted themselves into a corner by being:

1. Desparate for $$$
2. Unwilling to privatize the LCBO (despite commissioning a report that points to doing just that.)
3. Wishing to appear palsy, walsy with the public sector unions

My guess is that Sorbara will cave to the unions before a work stoppage. The cash flow from the LCBO is just too important a cash flow for this profligate government.

I guess it's better to work for a government corporation that sells booze than for one that transmits power. The Hydro-One strike is saving the provincial treasury a pile of dough - that's why there is no pressure to settle it.

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