Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tafelmusik - Thumbs up for Fresh Baroque

I've subscribed to Tafelmusk this year. Due to a combination of an agreeable mood on my part - and a very persuasive lady on the other end of the phone - I'm attending 11 concerts at Trinity St Paul in total.

The first concert - Jean Lamon's 25th anniversary celebration - didn't bowl me over. Well - I was tired. However, this past weeks concert - entitled Fresh Baroque - was one of the best that I can remember as TSP.

Particularly noteworthy was a Vivaldi bassoon concerto - and the concluding piece, a JS Bach concerto adapted for violins. (BWV 1064 - originally for three harpsichords.) Three new violinists shared the spotlight and delivered wonderfully.

(On a sour note, the litter around the area was appaling. Mayor Miller - u hu - where's your broom? Busy sweeping stuff under the rug I suppose.)

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