Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Now that's offensive - no it's pathetic

Someone has taken the time to create a weblog devoted to complaining about Globe & Mail columnist Margaret Wente. I won't grace this 'effort' with a link from my site. (Masochists may use web search tools to find it if they so choose.)

In the most recent post, the author complains about Ms. Wente's recent column on her experience using the TTC to get around for the better part of the week. The writer admits:

I only read the first third of the article (the only part outside the subscription firewall) but it's enough to get the gist.

This 'man' is devoting time to criticizing this writer - without even properly subscribing to be able to read her columns.


Tyrone said...

I am the author of Wente Watch.

The Globe and Mail does allow columns to be accessed from Google News without a subscription, so refuting them is easy.

This is not true of the longer Saturday features. Yes, I could subscribe to the paper, but what is the point of paying for a columnist I so strongly disagree with?

I stated that I could only read the first part of the article and refuted it only. I make no apologies for that.

J. Albert said...

hmm - I subscribe to the Globe even though I disagree vehemently with writers such as John Barber - and the majority of the ROB staff.

If one is to be informed, one needs to read all points of view. The trouble with 'liberals' these days is that they don't.