Monday, October 23, 2006

Provincal election season

If you were looking for proof that fixed election dates create very long campaigns, then cast your eyes no further that the Ontario NDP's proposal to freeze property taxes ' until sale'.

Now the freezing of residential assessments over many decades in Toronto is one of the main reason why the tax rates in this city are so skewed. (The other reason is the $$$-grubbing socialisrts who've been running amok for a while.) This is a terrible idea.

Michael Prue - my MPP and point man for this mallarky - suggests this is to give home owners certainty. This is the Mr. Prue who has refused to reply to my query from about a year ago. Yep - my rep. Great!

Well, Mr. Prue. In the great Ontario quasi-Depression of 1991-1995, many Ontarians had to sell there homes because of the economic chaos caused by your party. People lost their home because they lost their jobs. Many couldn't afford the higher tax rates. Many - like me - just left because there was no d+mn future in Ontario. After what you people did to the Province - gosh almight, I have to keep this polite.

Is the NDP promising that people won't lose their homes because of these other reasons?

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