Sunday, January 29, 2006 - Toronto needs plan to keep city lights on

Well - we still have power - as I'm able to sit down at my computer and type this. However, we may have a problem in a couple of years - as Toronto will need either more local generation, or increased power transmission into the city from outside: - Toronto needs plan to keep city lights on

The Star's editorial is right: there is no coherent plan to decide how to make up the shortfall. This despite an the city's Official Plan (still pending approval) that anticipates that a milion or so new residents will call Toronto home over the next number of decades.

Perhaps this issue should be the first test of a 'New Deal for Toronto'. In other words, the City should get to decide which of a number of alternative plans should be adopted. It's surely proper that the first order of business for a newly 'powered' city government should be to address electrical power.

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