Sunday, January 22, 2006

Informal Beaches Poll and a a surprise

I just returned from a stroll around my neighbourhood - including a very pleasant stretch along the Boardwalk. It was one of those days during which I managed to avoid the temptation of a Lick's hamburger. I will instead be preparing grill salmon and asparagus - well as soon as I've completed this post.

Now speaking of Licks, their informal burger poll has the Tory's in the lead - with 37% of Beaches burger eaters. The Febfibs are at 30%, and the NDP back at about 23% if memory serves. Of course, the burger poll is likely not representative of the riding as a whole.

In terms of lawn signs, I'd have to give the edge to the NDP candidate Churley. Then again, in the last election, the prevalence of NDP signage was deceiving, as the Liberal incumbent Minna won handily. As of this evening, the Conservative Peter Conroy appears comfortably in second place in the sign count. In as far as I can tell from my walking route, support for Maria Minna is slim.

The surprise of the evening has been the very recent (and obviously well-organized) leaflet campaign by a group called 'Liberals for Conroy'. It seems that the Liberals history of parachuting in candidates may come back to haunt them - as disaffected liberals from way back appear to have put this together.

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