Saturday, March 26, 2005

Schiavo case dominates

It's been a quiet week in Toronto politics - I'm guessing that the movers and shakers are all away on break somewhere. Perhaps Council heavy-spenders such as Howard Moscoe are off on a tax-payer funded junket is some sunny location.

The clock is ticking down to a TTC strike as of the end of the month. This will likely mean chaos for Beaches residents and business who will have to endure delays in the reconstruction of the Queen St. E streetcar tracks. TTC unions have rejected a 5-year, 2% increase a year contract offer - apparently they believe they should get raises greater than the rate of inflation. More likely that believe that they can get more.

Regardless, the case of the unfortunate Miss. Schiavo is monopolizing the media space. It's hard to know what to make of this one. Schiavo is obviously not conscious - but is apparently healthy enough other than that. She requires only a feeding tube to be kept alive. Recalling the Latimer case here in Canada, it seemed that Tracey Latimer was in far worse shape. Yet, Tracey's father Robert Latimer was convicted of second degree murder. I'm troubled by the US court's turning a blind eye to death by starvation.

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