Thursday, March 03, 2005

Ignorant Rant of the Month - Warren Kinsella on BMD

Wow - only a few days into this 'in like a lion' March, and we have a hands-down winner for Ignorant Rant of the Month.

Warren Kinsella's column in the National Post

The Post used to run a column by Linda McQuaig. You could never get through more than a third of one of a Linda's columns without encountering an obvious syllogism. While logic was (and is) not one of Ms. McQuaig's strong suits - she at least keeps up with the news.

Not so Warren Kinsella.

Kinsella's sneering, rambling column attempts to single out the National Post for having dumped on Prime Minister Paul Martin's decision to withhold Canada's participation in the US Ballistic Missile Defence system. Asserts Kinsella:

BMD has no champion in Canada -- apart from the National Post, that is.

I'd expect Kinsella - as a self-acclaimed expert - to at least read the editorials in the country's larger newpapers. He must have missed the editorials in The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Sun, and The Toronto Star - all of which disagreed with Martin's decision.

He claims:

BMD pits us against the world.

Perhaps Japan, Australia are part of a different world? These nations are working with the US on the Theatre Missile Defence (TMD) component of BMD. A number of countries (Britain, Italy, Germany) in Europe have been developing anti-missile capabilities.

And finally:

BMD doesn't work.

Warren just isn't keeping up with the news! This was on most of the major media outlets:

CBS News - U.S. shoots down missile in test near Hawaii

which documents the high success rate of the BMD tests conducted so far.

It's understandable - and forgivable - for the average Canadian not be so up-to-date on these matters. However, self-acclaimed experts such as Kinsella should be able to keep up. This man is ignorant.

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