Monday, January 24, 2005

What about equality for strippers and pizza men?

Well - this is pretty sexist! MP Judy Sgro not only quits her post as Minister of Immigration, but also threatens legal action over allegation of breach of trust in the quickly baking 'l'affaire pizza'. - Sgro starts to strike back

hmmm. It's interesting that earlier allegations by a stripper of East European extraction resulted on no such response from Sgro. Obviously allegations made by men are to be taken more seriously that those by a woman.

With the Fedfibs so intent on passing the same-sex marriage law - which they claim is warranted in order to make everyone equal - it's astonishing to see how they do not yet see men and women as equal. Well - perhaps it is not astonishing, it's just politics. The Fedfibs don't have any core beliefs. They'll twist any which way they need to remain in power.

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