Monday, January 10, 2005 - Will aquarium plan float?

The Star's Royson James wonders out loud whether the vision of a new aquarium on Toronto's waterfront - near the foot of Dufferin. See the following link to the story. - Will aquarium plan float?

Apparently, aquariums are all the rage - springing up in the most unlikely of places and by all accounts succeeding.

This has got me thinking. While it's refreshing that the City is looking to the the private sector to build and operate such a facility, we should really be looking to create something unique. In a few years, aquariums may be out of style and/or people will be tired of looking at big fish in captivity. (Oh dad, do we have to go to another aquarium.)

Let us instead create something unique - something that plays to Toronto's strength - so to speak. Let us create a Museum of Socialism. Why? There is so such an abundance of great material that could be easily collected - most of it for free.

Some of the key attractions could be:

The Waste Wing

This would document - along with examples from Toronto's city government:

- how Ontario Hydro managed to wipe out $21 billion in equity in its generating stations by failing to maintain them
- how $900 million in transitional funding to the Toronto District School Board evaporated as one staffer put it, the far-left board "spread the disease"

The Stupidity Section

This would document:

- Toronto's homeless problem - which continues to see money thrown at it without any attempt to quantity the number of actual homeless
- The decision to ship garbage to the supposed 'willing hosts' in Michigan - as opposed to the unwilling ones in northern Ontario

The Hall of Shame

This would detail the histories of prominent local socialists:

- Jack Layton (largely responsbile for the garbage mess)
- Bob Rae (architected the Province's economic collapse of the erly '90s)
- David Miller (our suave socialist mayor) as labelled by Sue-Ann Levy of The Sun - who stated that Police Chief Fantino was doing a great job - at the same time engineering his ouster. (Actually, this man has no shame.)

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