Sunday, January 30, 2005 - Linda McQuaig says today's charade is simply about Iraq's oil

I guess it isn't a happy day for Linda McQuaig and the rest of the ranting left-wing cabal. - Linda McQuaig says today's charade is simply about Iraq's oil

Of course, one of the senior members of the cabal is not longer published in The Star. Michele Landsberg's column no longer appears. Perhaps Landsberg is still around. I wonder if she "does lunch" with the likes of McQuaig. I gander there is nothing like a company-paid lunch as the setting for left-wing types to exchange disinformation.

Alternatively, Landsberg might be in Afghanistan searching in vain for the mythical oil pipeline she claimed the US would be building in that country as soon as the Taliban regime had been removed. History has proven her wrong. The Afghanis have held an election - and there is no pipeline.

The level of bitterness Landsberg's columns evidenced always astounded me. I read the same in McQuaig's writing. One doesn't have to read between the lines particularly closely to understand McQuaig's real fear - the fear that democracy might break out. McQuaig must be kept awake by the prospect of the success of the Bush policy - a success which would help reinforce the Republican hold on the US government.

Her column demonstrates the depth of the moral abyss into which the left have fallen. They believe that it would be better for Iraqis to remain under a brutal, Hitler-like regime, rather than see a successful Republican-led initiative.

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