Friday, February 06, 2009

Darling Harbour - a park under an expressway

Sydney Harbour is famous for the bridge and the opera house. Nowadays, tourists can also enjoy Darling Harbour - which has been transformed from being a disused port area to being host to shops, restaurants, museums and other recreation spots.

Sydney managed all this without worryng about the elevated expressway that runs around the harbour. In fact, the redevelopment has flanged right in. The world's largest IMAX theatre sits happily amongst the expressway piers - as does a river-like fountain (pictured), chinese gardens, palm trees and more.

Instead of (as is the case here in Toronto) misusing the concept of waterfront renewal as a battle in the 'war against the auto', Sydney built something practical and inviting for its citizens and the millions of tourists who find their way to Sydney Harbour every year.

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