Friday, February 06, 2009

Back from Australia and New Zealand

I've just returned from a wonderful break in Australia and New Zealand. I've returned to winter, Czar-wannabe Ignatieff torpedoing the grand coalition, and not much in the way of change in Toronto. (Does Toronto have an allergy to change?)

There's still no word on the replacement streetcars. Councillors will still be getting there raises. David Miller is still flying all over the world instead of running the city properly.

I'm going to post (yeah promises) some material on Sydney - yes in Australia, not Nova Scotia - you just might be interested in knowing that one of the world's most tourist-friendly harbours has an elevated expressway directly in it's midst. (I guess David Miller hasn't go to visit Sydney yet.)

Anyway - I'm going share a wonderful image of the New Zealand coast - for no other purpose than to entertain you.

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