Sunday, April 08, 2007

The tracks vanish

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There's a track in there somewhere. The TTC's Harbourfront line west of Bathurst is out of commission. Barely 15 year old, and the tracks are in such bad shape as to require suspension of service. This citizen took this photo yesterday. There was a bus running back and forth - easily handling the ridership. The riders I saw getting on were very happy to see the bus.
hmm - would have been nice if the TTC had put up signs or any type of notice.
This is the basic technology that the TTC plans to use in its proposed 'LRT' lines (See posts and Transit City).
To me, it's not LRT to encase all of the lines in concrete. More to the point, it's not smart. Let's run LRT where the rails can be ballasted in gravel - which allows for easier ongoing maintenance.

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