Sunday, April 01, 2007

LRT - Eglinton and the 6 dwarves

A reader has brought it to my attention that the LRT popularity poll on the Transit City propaganda site shows that over 80% of those replying would prefer the proposed Eglinton line:

Here are the results as of this afternoon:

Eglinton - 11049 votes - 83.6 %
Sheppard East - 670 - 5.1%
Scarborough Malvern - 377 - 2.9%
Waterfront West - 363 - 2.7%
Don Mills - 329 - 2.5%
Etobicoke Finch West - 245 - 1.9%
Jane - 186 - 1.4%

Transit pundit Steve Munro prognosticates that the underground part of the Eglinton line would be the last to be built. The line would be built starting at the extremities - hmm perhaps this proposal should be called Transfer City instead of Transit City. It seems that potential riders have other ideas.

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Anonymous said...

My suspicion that the central underground part would be the last to be built is simply based on construction time.

That part of the line will take longer to build and meanwhile, the outer parts can be up and running. If the whole line awaits completion of the central section, we will wait a long time to ride.

Meanwhile, service east from Kennedy Station and west to the airport to be operational.

I am not surprised by the numbers given that this line touches a huge number of neighbourhoods, destinations and potential riders.

Steve Munro