Wednesday, May 04, 2005

NIMBY runs wild

In Toronto, erveryone gets into the act - a veritable NIMBY fest.

Scarborough residents are still trying to stop - or just slow down - a subsidized housing project. This is to be on land that was supposed to be used for the Scarborough Expressway - a project long-ago killed by NIMBYism. - Housing proposal sparks protest

There's about as much chance of stopping this one as there is of stopping a devoutly religious person from attending services. As Don York of a local ratepayers group puts it:

"We cannot let religion or the term `affordable housing' stand in the way of responsible decision-making and accountability."

but that's exactly what will happen. The only reason the left-dominated council would allow hundreds of trees to be chopped down is for their Holy Grail - socialized housing.

Meanwhile, ultra-leftist councillor Pam McConnell is vowing to prevent a festival called Wakestock from being held again next year.

"But I can tell you there is no way this is going back to the Toronto Islands next year. The islands are an environmental treasure of this city. And those islands belong to all Torontonians."

Whines McConnell. I guess she means it belongs to all Torontonians other than those who wish to have a little organized fun one day during the summer. What's next - is she going to ban volleyball tournaments at Ashbridges Bay?

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