Sunday, May 29, 2005

The French say 'Non' to EU constitution

The French electorate's rejection - French say 'Non' to EU constitution from The Star
Euro Declines After French Voters Reject EU Constitution from

of the EU's proposed constitution is hardly a surprise. I'll admit that I haven't read the document - nor do I care to do so. Apparently, it is a voluminous document - the PDF file is 1 Megabyte or so. I wonder how many voters actually read and understood the whole thing.

My instinctive reaction would be to reject the proposal based on its size alone. A constitution should be a simple document that the common man can understand. This having been said, the rejection may well be a body blow to the French and continental economies that they are not in any shape to take. The French economy is a frightful state. If I were French, I may well have voted 'Oui' out of fear of the economic repercussions.

However, the French voters who turned thumbs down on the proposal appear to have done so for other reasons. Left wingers seem to have felt that the proposal might lead to a more 'anglo'-type economic model (i.e. a model of reasonable economic growth and opportunities for employment - Quel Horreur!.)

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