Thursday, April 21, 2005 - Residents feel railroaded

The powers that be in appear ready to foist another train barrier upon Toronto residents - in this case in the form of a proposal that would cut off a number of local streets in the Weston area. - Residents feel railroaded

The railway line that will be used for the planned express train service from Union Station to Pearson. Due to the higher speed and greater ferquency, threelevel crossings (=grade crossings) may need to be eliminated for safety reasons.

One alternative is to fence off the crossings. This is less expensive - but would cut off local streets. The other is to build underpasses - which would cost the big $$$.

If the process for "deciding" the course of action is anything like last years Battle of St. Clair Wesr - the decision has already being made. In that case, the "consultation" (under the guise of an Environmental Assessment) was a complete sham. This article captures how things really worked. As reported in the article, and as I can attest from being at the deputations before council:

As the day wore on many councillors got up and left, missing many of the heartfelt testimonials and well-crafted arguments from the affected community.

Mayor Miller drifted in and out of council chambers during the deputations. He seemed to be working on other matters. He didn't ask any questions of the deputants.

Can Weston residents expect the same type of sham? Time will tell.

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