Wednesday, April 06, 2005 - New Pearson Airport's first birthday

The new Terminal I at Pearson Airport here in Toronto is perhaps the most overhyped piece of architecture around. - New Pearson Airport's first birthday

I'll admit that it's new, light and pleasant inside - but in no way much of a standout. Many US Airports are just as good. Newark International has very nice light - but it has many more amenities for those on layovers. T-1 is pretty sparse - but perhaps things will improve once construction is completed.

My main beef with T-1 is the horrendously long walk from the terminal parking to the entrance. Not only is the walk long, the layout is confusing - and at $21.75/day the parking is outrageously expensive. For short business trips, parking at the airport is still cheaper than the cab/limo option - but not by much. The parking experience with Air Canada at T-1 is just another reason to take WestJet out of T-2. In T-2, one can park pretty near the crosswalk over to the terminal - and it is far less confusing.

I'd prefer an airport similar to Philadelphia International. It's well organized for the customer - and there are many amenities. A SEPTA commuter train runs every half hour to 30th Street Station and Suburban Station downtown - for $5.50 US. The train line and platform run between the arrival and departures zones.

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