Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Another simple theory behind the loss of MH370

OK - maybe it's not that simple - but there are precedents: could the plane have been brought down by a bomb planted before takeoff?

In the First World, we are accustomed to the high level of scrutiny placed on checked baggage. Our bags are x-rayed, sniffed and, in most cases these days, opened.

However, it's obvious from watching the investigation play out that Malaysia isn't a first world country. Further to that, the political situation in that nation appears quite rancourous.

So here's the theory:

- operatives of the Malay government planted a bomb on board while it was docked at the airport - with the objective of getting rid of one or more persons who were deemed to be a threat. Perhaps the pilot was one of these.
- specific passengers (friendlies of the regime) were whisked off the flight at the last minute - remember there were 5 'no shows' - so to be out of harm's way
- the plane blew up shortly after last contact
- the Malay military dispatched small vessels to quickly retrieve the black boxes and make sure any debris in that spot was sunk
- the Malay military had another plane - flying with no transponder -  in the air to cross the path and divert attention from the original location where contact was lost. This plane had cloned the ping of the MH370 ACARs system - leading searchers further astray.

Yes - this is a conspiracy theory. It demands that many people stay quiet. People can be kept quiet with money or threats, or by being killed.

I'm not proposing this is what happened. I'm surprised that this is not among the theories being hashed out on the WWW. It seems that there are potential precedents. I vaguely recollect an African leader being killed in a suspicious air crash.

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