Monday, December 17, 2007

A snowstorm to love

Yesterday's snowstorm was actually quite fun. It fell on a Sunday - and the weathermen were pretty well spot on in the forecast.

I planned to coccoon - and expect for a round of shovelling and a walk down to Queen St to do some Christmas shopping - coccoon I did. On Saturday, I had provisioned the house with more food than I can cook in a week. For Sunday dinner, I cooked a roast chicken and enjoyed the 2nd installment of a '97 Barbaresco I had opened on Saturday.

(The wine was still a robust, tannic brute of a Nebbiolo - but quite ready to drink.)

Beachers were taking the storm in stride. There were quite a few people shopping - despite the fact that this backward thinking city doesn't clear sidewalks. I walked, waddled, and vaulted depending on the footing and obstacles until I reached Mastermind.

The store has been expanded to include that used by Living Lighting (which has moved to the other side of Woodbine.) As usual, the Mastermind staff were delightfully helpful. I ended up with seven gifts. (I could have used a sleigh and some reindeer on the return trek.)

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