Monday, January 29, 2007

With the charlatan (Suzuki) go to Charlottetown?

I thought this man was taking a hiatus! David Suzuki is headed out on a PR tour to promote the environment.

The Star - Online Jan 29 2007

I wonder if he'll throw his weight behind the Conservative Party - after all, it is the Harper governments that has actually introduced environmental legislation (something the FedFibs couldn't manage in 13 year so so in power.) Likely not. As wit all on the far left, it's all about politics.

Suzuki is shrill and easily upset in debate. I remember watching his dismal performance in the 'debate' with Dr. Philippe Rushton a number of years back. Suzuki couldn't even muster a solid argument when he was in all likelihood right.

Suzuki is a geneticist - and has no academic qualifications as a climatologist. The man's a complete loon.

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