Saturday, December 30, 2006

Order of Canada medal for sale

I've never heard of Gustave Lanctot - but apparently he was the recipient of one of the earliest Order of Canada medals. Now his medal is for sale on EBAY:

Rare Order of Canada medal awarded to Quebec historian up for grabs on eBay

Whatever the original intent of this medal, it's obviously been watered down - as it has been granted to the likes of former Toronto Star columnist Michele Landsberg. Maybe she was granted the hounour for her acheivements in the bitterness, divisiveness and ignorance.

I'm not sure what Landsberg is up to - perhaps still looking for the gas pipeline she claimed the US was going to build in Afghanistan. Regardless, The Toronto Star is so much better without her drivel.

Who knows how many other OCs have been similar misgranted. Caveat Emptor certainly applies .

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