Friday, July 14, 2006

New Angels in Town

The city's first Guardian Angels will be beginning citizens patrols in Toronto. However, it seems that do-gooder Mayor David Miller would rather they go away. Yes - Toronto knows better than to 60 other cities world-wide that have such patrols. Baloney!

There are two good columns on the subject today:

Toronto Sun - Joe Warmington - July 14 2006


Toronto Star - Royson Jame - July 14 2006

Personally, I find it hard to fathom Mayor David Miller is so dismissive of the Guardian Angels - after all, they sport his favourite colour: red.

Miller's statement "Policing should be done by the police; it's very simple" reaches the zenith of disingenuity.

The city has a non-police Community Safety Secretatiat, and non-police programs such as City Watch. In fact, city employees have been commended for following and assisting police catch perpetrators. In can only conclude that Miller's beef with the Angels must be that they are volunteers - and not part of the ever expanding city bureaucracy.

I think Miller fears that the GAs will be successful, And why is that?:

1. They may be credited for improvement - and steal Miller's thunder (lol)
2. Torontonians may embrace volunteerism - and begin to prefer that to massive and costly bureacracy. This would be bad for left-wing business.

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