Sunday, February 19, 2006 - Support building new power plant

Well this letter to The Star is rich in wisdom - I wonder who wrote it. - Support building new power plant

Here for posterity are the key points:

1. There has been no real alternative proposed:

... the alternative touted by Mayor David Miller and local councillors, which relies on a smaller power plant, distributed generating capacity and conservation measures.
While it contains a number of plausible, if not laudable suggestions, the document provides neither expected timelines for these initiatives, nor any indication of the costs.
Many of the items indicate "energy calculation unavailable." Hence it's a stretch to call it a "plan."

2. The proposed plant doesn't take up extra space:

The Hearn site on which a smaller plant would sit is not substantively different in size than the proposed site of the larger plant. Hence, there is no credence to the claim that the alternative would preserve precious land.

FYI - I'm still waiting for a response from M. Bussin or her EA as to why she is opposing the Province's plan.

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