Saturday, February 05, 2005


My neighbourhood is seeing many undersized homes either demolished completely, or upgraded through the addition of a second story. In all of the examples I've seen, the projects result in vast improvements to the housing stock - and hence the appeal of the neighbourhood.

A case in point is a small, ugly bungalow on Elmer Avenue. Construction has now started on the addition of a second floor, the addition of bay windows. I'm hoping that the riotously ugly brick (the colour of month old phlegm) will be covered up as well.

This week, the wood for the project arrived. As of this moring, something curious has been erected on the front yard. This is a wooden fence - signposted by the city denoting that it is to protect the trees. The trouble is that there are no trees on the front of the property. I know, I walked past thousands of times. Futhermore, one can peek though the fence to verify that there is no tree. There isn't even a bush of any size!

I wonder how much it cost the city to come and install the fence!?

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