Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Toronto Sun Columnist: Sue-Ann Levy - It's never 'enough'

Sue-Ann Levy unerringly hones in on the reality of Toronto's budget woes:

Toronto Sun Columnist: Sue-Ann Levy - It's never 'enough'

Personally, those MPP's expecting a thank-you from our mayor and council should note that they no-one in this group has ever said thank-you for the $150 million or so a year Toronto receives from the 905-belt property owners under the GTA social services pooling arrangement.


Wendy said...

I wouldn't listen to any of the lies "swine" levy says.

J. Albert said...

I'm not sure if Ms. Wendy intended to post such an anti-semitic comment. In terms of what this says of the intellect of those on the left, I can only say:

Si mounumnetum requiris, circumspice.